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Duo Therm Air Conditioner Parts - Brisk Air and Penguins

Duo Therm Air Conditioner Parts

Duo Therm Air Conditioner Parts such as:

  • Shrouds
  • Blower motors
  • Circuit Boards
  • Gaskets
  • Fan blades
  • Wall thermostats
  • Filters
  • Heating elements
  • Ceiling assemblies
  • Knobs
  • And Many Other RV Air Conditioner repair parts

Online Parts Catalog

See Diagrams and Parts Breakdowns of Coleman, Carrier, and Duo-Therm Air Conditioners with our online RV Air Conditioner Parts catalog. Have your Model number, product number and serial number handy (if available) to find and order items for your specific air conditioner.

If you would prefer to order over the phone, you should have the following information about your RV AC in hand when you call.

  1. Brand:   Duo Therm Brisk Air or Penguin, Coleman or Carrier.   (We stock ac parts for only these brands.)
  2. Model and Serial Number: To find the model and serial number of any of the upper units, you will need to remove the upper shroud. There should be on a identification tag near the compressor. For  Duo-Therm ducted  systems you will also need to have the model number of  the electronic kit.  To find the model number for the ducted system electronic unit, you will need to remove the inside ceiling assembly and look up toward the upper unit. The electronic kit model number should  be on a tag on the ducted air distribution box.
  3. Have old item:  If practical, you should also have the old item in hand when calling.  This may be of help in  verifying that we are correctly matching the replacement item you need.
    Please Note: If you roof ac has lost its freon or the compressor is not working, your should replace the unit with a new one instead of trying to repair the old one. Also, if you unit is 5 to 10 years old, and you have something other than a minor problem you should consider replacing instead of repairing. In most cases, replacement will be a better deal for you under the above conditions considering the new unit warranty and the cost of most repairs.

    SAVE!    No Sales Tax if Shipped outside of Texas. The
    Sales Tax Savings will help pay for the small shipping charge!

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